Jumping Jack Aquatic Inflatables

Modular Section Inflatables

Our new modular pool inflatable system is ideal for organisations looking to get started but with limited budgets. Sections can be added or reconfigured as required

Key features include:

  • Each module can be separated and moved to a new position creating a new and exciting challenge for your patrons
  • You no longer have to buy one giant inflatable, as your budget permits you simply buy 1 or 2 new modules and add them to your existing inflatable
  • Damaged sections can be taken out and sent to us for repair while the rest of the inflatable stays in operation!
  • Cheaper transport charges as you only need to send the section that needs to be repaired
  • Can be completely dismantled for easy transport and/ or storage
  • Helps you meet your WHS obligations as each section weighs less than a traditional all in one inflatable

The Linking system uses a combination of industrial strength Velcro, brass eyelets and shock cord to create a strong and durable link between each section.

Easy to dismantle and rejoin, anyone can do it in less than 5 minutes!

Very strong chemical resistant components ensure years of trouble free use.


Dolphin W20