Jumping Jack Aquatic Inflatables

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Jumping Jack Aquatic Inflatables

Jumping Jack designs and fabricates pool inflatables to the Australian standard AS3533.4.5 – 2017 for use in any commercial sized swimming pool. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that our devices also meet all the requirements set down in the legislated Safe Work Australia regulation.

Your inflatable will be supplied with multiple air inlets on both sides of the device so the fan can be installed in the safest location. These can also be used to release air from the device when de-commissioning the device which will help speed up the packing up process.

Jumping Jack aquatic inflatables are fabricated using rot proof threads that resist chemicals and the PVC is pool and chemical safe.

The air constant inflatables are powered by a high pressure 2 hp fan that is located 5-6 metres from the pool’s edge for safer operation.

All high wear areas such as the slide are fitted with a detachable skin for easy and cheap maintenance. There is no need to send the entire inflatable to us for a service; we will just freight a new skin to you which you can fit yourself!

Jumping Jack was the first business in the Australian Pacific area to introduce a modular aquatic inflatable solution to the market.

This modular system has enabled small operators to buy an inflatable one section at a time or add more sections when desired as the funds become available.

Meeting WHS requirements has now become easy as the modular system is light and easy to move and install.

We have also introduced a range of fully air sealed inflatables that do not require a running fan. This is a safe quiet option particularly for indoor pool complexes.

All our inflatables are made with safety in mind. They are fully compliant with the Australian standard AS3533.4.5 – 2017 with all risks such as fall height, pool depth, entrapment, slide exit pitch etc being fully considered during the design process. We will always consult with you and ask questions about your pool configuration so we can supply you with a product that suits your needs.


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