Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Maximise your customer’s enjoyment

The Dolphin Difference

Orimatech is proud to be a Wave Master Dealer. From council pools to resorts, Dolphin Wave commercial pool cleaners offer professional pool cleaning performance that meets the challenging requirements of the biggest and busiest pools. The Dolphin Wave range of robotic cleaners is one of the most cost-effective machines on the market. Designed for long-lasting reliability with daily operation, Dolphin Cleaners excel at heavy-duty dirt collection, allowing you to concentrate on other more pressing matters. Here are just a few reasons why we think you will love the Dolphin Wave range:
  • Robust design for long-term, cost-effective operation
  • User-friendly, fully automated, plug & play function
  • Advanced technologies ensure comprehensive scanning of the entire pool
  • Ultra fine, dual-level filtration system leaves water clear and free of hair, dust, insects and other debris
  • High reliability reduces service and maintenance needs
  • Ability to handle beach entries without burning out the motor
  • If you would like to learn more about the Dolphin range and how it could work for your pool, or to arrange a demonstration, contact us now.
  • Ask us about our fully maintained rental options

Dolphin Wave 300 XL

Dolphin Wave 300

The Dolphin WAVE 300 is the ideal robotic cleaner for large commercial pools and for Olympic centres, water parks and other sites with pools 25‑60m in length.

Dolphin Wave 200 XL

Dolphin Wave 200

A revolutionary commercial pool cleaner that delivers long-lasting reliability and the best wall-to-wall cleaning in its class for aquatic pools 25‑50m in length.

Dolphin Pro Expert (2x2)

Dolphin Pro Expert

Put the power of two robots to work at once – a heavy duty cleaner ideal for professional pools up to 50m in length.

Dolphin Wave 100

Dolphin Wave 100

Heavy-duty, professional cleaner – suitable for pools up to 20‑25m in length. The best value for money in commercial pool cleaning.

Dolphin Wave 75

Dolphin Wave 75

Recommended for pools up to 20m in length. Cleans pool floor, walls and water line.

Dolphin W20

Dolphin W20

Thorough and fast automated cleaning of shallow pools, with the only robotic pool cleaner that can work in water that is just 20cm deep.

Dolphin Wave Liberty

Dolphin W20

Unique battery-powered cordless robotic pool cleaner recommended for pools up to 15 m in length that are irregularly shaped and/or have in-pool obstacles.