SolarEast Australasia product information.

Electric Boost Solar with Heat Pipe

Australia is a vast continent and temperatures vary greatly from region to region and season to season. Just as seasons and temperatures change, so to should consideration be given to the type of solar water heater to be installed. Some consideration should include: * Maximum and minimum temperatures – Evacuated tube collectors are the safest installation option in areas prone to frost * Size of tank – 3 sizes are available from 270L to 450L giving a variety of option to suit four household requirement
Electric Boost Solar with Heat Pipe Pic


  1. Australian designed water heating range for Australians
  2. Indoor / Outdoor application
  3. Heavy duty glass lined cylinder
  4. Mains Pressure – hot water from multiple taps and showers
  5. Water is rapidly heated by the heat pipe
  6. There is no water in the vacume tube so the tube will not break in winter
  7. The collector can operate even in the case of a broken tube. A single tube can, if necessary, be exchanged without interuption of the heat cycle
  8. Dual-handed construction for easy installation
  9. 7 Year Tank Warranty (1 year parts and labour)
  10. 5 Year Collector Warranty (1 year parts and labour)
  11. Complete valve kits available