Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Automatic pool cleaners suitable for commercial and larger pools.

And the Hammer Head Manual Pool Cleaner


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The MacBall Heat Saver Insulated Pool Blanket and Storage Reel System offers the commercial swimming pool operator a practical, cost effective method to greatly reduce heat loss. Heating, water replacement and maintenance costs are substantially reduced through effective insulation and evaporation control.


Pool Equipment

The Poolie's Pal makes deploying and retrieving pool covers a one person operation.

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The mobile Pool Cleaner Hoist lifts the cleaner into and out of the pool with minimal effort.

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Jumping Jack

The definition of FUN! Having one of our inflatables at your commercial pool means more patrons!

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Service and Parts

  • Aqua Vac
  • Dolphin
  • Hammer Head
  • Poolie's Pal

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